A Very Epic Jesse Jackson Photo Bomb

Nailed it.

1. A bunch of former Bush officials were planning a group photo before George W. Bush gave an address in Austin, Texas…

Benny Johnson / BuzzFeed

2. …when suddenly: Jesse Jackson!

Benny Johnson / BuzzFeed

3. Karl Rove did not like it.

Benny Johnson / BuzzFeed

4. And complained loudly.

Benny Johnson / BuzzFeed

5. “Who is this guy?”

Benny Johnson / BuzzFeed

6. not. happy.


7. And then Karl eventually just went with it.


8. No one seemed to remember when Jackson said, “I say, America, stay out of the Bushes. Stay out of the Bushes.”

Benny Johnson / BuzzFeed

9. A photobomb to remember…


UPDATE - Karl Rove’s office has sent more details on what was being said during the photobomb:

“Actually I was saying he [Jackson] was my intern. That he used to work for me in the White House.”

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