33 Things That Are Much Easier When You’re A Ninja

It is the only way you will survive.

33. You can cross the road much easier if you’re a ninja.

32. And it is much easier to explore the wilderness.

31. You can break up a monster truck fight.

30. And rid your house of flies.

29. You can hang this sign on your door if you’re a ninja.

28. And this can be your wedding photo!

27. This is how you check the structural integrity of your chimney.

26. It is very easy to score a soccer goal.

25. It is easy to intimidate Hot Pocket eaters.

24. It is much easier to cause drama with your friends.

23. It is much easier to stop shoplifters.

22. You will be able to have a pet beaver if you’re a ninja.

21. This is how you get groceries.

20. This is the back of your Toyota if you’re a ninja.

19. This is how you enter your apartment.

18. This is what you look like going to work.

And this is all you need to take to work.

17. It is much easier to take a step back in line.

16. You can even hide from your own mom.

15. Obviously no one will be able to shoot you if you’re a ninja.

14. You dont have to follow rules.

13. It is much easier to hit on the girl in the office above yours.

12. You can get easy employment in the entertainment industry.

11. It is a lot easier to get around your campus.

10. This is the way you change tracks on the subway.

9. This is how you practice your religion if you’re a ninja.

8. Everybody wants you on their dodgeball team.

7. This is how you de-friend someone if you’re a ninja.

6. It is much easier to tuck yourself in.

5. This is how you board an airplane.

4. And it is much easier to cut fruit.

3. This is how you use the a public restroom.

2. And this is how you take out your trash.

1. Even if the authorities are present you never stop being a ninja.

So ninjas, keep being awesome!

The world respects you.

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