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    27 Signs That Are Absolutely Necessary In Society

    I think this is a sign.

    27. Louisiana: You have a choice.

    26. The legal system is unfair.

    25. This sign in a Texas bar has been backed up by human testing.

    24. At least you don't have to wonder anymore.

    23. They should have one of these at every psychology office.

    22. This was placed right underneath Pride Rock.

    21. This Doughnut shop is about to get crazy.

    20. This Bus ad campaign has seen mixed results.

    19. This was what their lawyer advised.

    18. Does someone have the number for PETA?

    17. Called it.

    16. Now we know.

    15. Clarification.

    14. "The sign is bad enough Jeff, you don't have to stand there and watch it."

    13. "Dammit. Sorry."

    12. Always a concern.

    11. This freezer is on Spring Break.

    10. "But that cardboard looks nice."

    9. What was that about workplace morale?

    8. The least fun art museum on the planet.

    7. "I'll have two!"

    6. Well, at least they got past the sign.

    5. Noted.

    4. A highly enthusiastic member.

    3. Clearly a Boston rink.

    2. Oddly enough, this was an 'Herbal Baking' class.

    1. Ever wondered if Vanilla Ice used daycare...