27 People Who Just Made Things Worse

Have you ever tried to make things better and then … dammit.

You tried to help out…

but somehow you just made it worse.

1. You just wanted to teach your dog how to sled

but they will never want to sled again.

2. You just wanted to prove your stellar marksmanship

but you just didn’t.

3. You just wanted to feed the red panda

but you just scared him half to death.

4. You just wanted to keep your bike from crashing

but you just didn’t, Jason Fowler.

5. You just wanted to teach your little brother how to slam dunk

but you just made it worse.

6. You just wanted to set some ambiance for dinner

but you lit your face on fire.

7. You just wanted to make the game winning tackle

but you just made it worse.

8. You just wanted to warn your friend about…

but you just got run over.

9. You just wanted to help break up a fight

but you just got kicked in the face.

10. You just wanted to deliver lunch

but you delivered it to the ground.

11. You simply wanted to score a point for your team

but you just did not come close.

12. You just wanted to support your friend

but you just made it worse.

13. You wanted to stop your rolling car

but it stopped you.

14. You just wanted to get away from the farm for a day

but the farm found you.

15. You just wanted to bring clean energy to your community

but now your community hates you.

16. You just wanted some exercise

but now you’re wet.

17. You just wanted to hang with the cool kids

but they threw you against the zoo wall.

18. You just wanted to express your true feelings

but you just made it more awkward.

19. You just wanted to teach your cat about Halloween.

but the lesson was too real.

20. You we’re just trying to do your job

but no one liked it.

21. You just wanted to share the joys of Autumn

but there was too much joy.

22. You were just trying to celebrate with your friend

but now he is mad at you.

23. You just wanted to help blow out the candles

but you blew it.

24. You just wanted to help your country win the Olympics

but now they laugh at you.

25. You just wanted to give a driving lesson

but it was on an airport runway.

26. You just wanted to grab dinner with your pals

but you just ruined the meal for everyone.

But you know what? Just tell them they can:

27. We’re still gonna love you.

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