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27 Events That Can Ruin Your Childhood

This may explain a few things.

Some events can be very traumatizing as a child.

1. Like when your play toys start attacking you.

2. When you are an accessory to your dad's work out.

3. When this is what you are dressed as for Halloween.

or this...

4. When your Jedi father uses the Force against you.

5. When you are misplaced in the stuffed animal section.

6. When your favorite sports team does not like you back.

7. When the playground is no longer safe.

8. When you learn the dangers of common household items.

9. When you drive before you get your license.

10. When you suck at gymnastics.

11. When your childhood pet attacks you.

12. When you have a traumatic fishing experience

13. When you rolled through the Wal Mart produce aisle.

14. When you are thrown...


or rolled... this.

15. When you play catch with your aggressive mother.

16. Or your father.

17. When this is your first birthday memory.

18. When pools are no longer fun.

19. When this is your first pair of stockings.

20. When these are your toys.

21. When you learned Mother Nature may be out to get you.

22. When you were used as a kung fu weapon.

23. When you are misplaced on the naan tray.

24. When this is your parents idea of a photo-op.

25. When your father tries to take your photo...

26. Or your mom tries to take hers.

27. When this happens.

28. But this might be the worst of all.

But keep a proper perspective.

We know you will end up on top!