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27 Crazy Things That Can Only Happen In Alaska

Everybody should live here, but they would die.

27. Having this problem:

26. Needing these signs.

And this one:


25. Attending school when most people would just curl up and die.

24. This diverse range of items available at your local store:

And getting chased by a moose when you are buying all of them.

23. Ken.

22. This competition:

21. Places called:

20. Your family dressing like this and no one asks any questions.

19. This wedding.

18. Biking 100 miles through the mountains in SNOW...

Eat your heart out FRANCE!

17. In Alaska, this could easily be your neighbor:

And when you go to his house for a beer, this happens.

"You got something in your teeth, bitch, yolo."

16. This grooming.

15. Having a plane...

...that has a doggy door.

14. Surfing on a DAMN glacier.


13. Cops breaking up eagle parties.


12. Getting towed via dog.

...or by moose power.

11. Walking into water with just a gigantic net...

... and catching more fish than you can carry.

10. This is your neighbors preferred form of transportation:

Or this:

9. Moose do yoga in your yard.

8. Giant salmon swim down your road.

7. Your grandfather's pastimes include this:

6. Your pet is not the largest animal on the block.

By a long shot.

5. These homes are for sale:

4. You are indifferent to people making fun of your elected officials...

Because you know they are crazy, and you like that.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, planking apparently, and Sarah Palin.

3. Baby moose playing in your sprinkler:

2. Catching an actual sea monster.


1. Messing with Texas.

The rest of America is just so small and boring right?

Ahhh, Alaska.