25 Types Of Selfies Tourists Take At The White House

Selfie in Chief.

The White House is one of the most photographed buildings on earth.

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While people take plenty of traditional tourist photos outside the mansions gates…

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… the location is fast becoming the selfie capitol of the planet.

1. There is the over the fence selfie.


2. The under the fence selfie.


3. The “Don’t show mom” selfie.


4. The mom selfie.


— Jenna Seagraves (@jennaseagraves)

5. The #1 stunna.


6. The “How the hell does this thing, wait, what?”


7. The “I will not be apart of this insanity.”

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8. The over it.


9. The “Dear God, what have we done?”


10. The “Please bitch, I got a selfie stick.”


11. The duckface.

Presidential shit #whitehouseselfie #dc #wheresobama #whitehouse

— Whitehouse (@whphotos2013)

12. The “NO! God help us, why? WHY!?!?”


13. The selfie of a selfie.


— Kiarash Payani (@KiarashPayani)

14. The “I’m on a bike.”


15. The infant photobomb.


16. The professional photobomb.


17. The Badass.


18. The sorority.

Via Benny Johnson/ BuzzFeed

19. The duces.


20. The glam.


21. The climbers.




23. The “Our kids will like this.”


24. The “My kid does like this.”

Via Benny Johnson/ BuzzFeed

25. And the selfie protester.


And this is actually how you take a selfie at the White House.



Ayyyy Brobama #whitehouse

— Whitehouse (@whphotos2013)

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