25 People Who Are Way Too Honest

Maybe this is not the best policy.

25. Store names can be too honest.

24. Irony can get too honest as well.

23. Police complaints can be too honest.

22. The pointing out of similarities can be too honest.

21. You can certainly be too honest on social media.

“Yes, Steve, you do technically have seven chicks on you right now.”

20. Instructions can certainly be too honest.

19. Political advertising can be too honest.

But we all agree that some political honesty is refreshing.

18. TV hosts can certainly be too honest.

17. Some polls are too honest.

16. Your yearbook quote could be a bit too honest.

So can your obituary.

15. Some local news headlines are a bit too honest.

14. And sometimes it’s better to not be honest when you’re getting interviewed.

13. Your online dating profile could be way too honest.

Or your dating strategy in the first place.

12. Some stickers for your car can be too honest.

11. Some aggression can be too honest.

10. This homeless person is very honest.

9. Lets hope this is a spelling problem and not an honesty problem.

8. Sometimes it is easier to just not be honest about the thoughts in your head.

7. Advertising can certainly be too honest.

Um… Rethink that phrasing, Costco?

Like, remember, being too descriptive can be a bad thing.

This is certainly true.

6. Some museums can be a little too anatomically honest.

5. Some beauty assessments can be too honest.

4. Your sexual fantasies can be a bit too honest.

3. Doomsday people are a little too honest.

2. Sometimes, you can be too honest about your job.

1. And you can be too honest about what you’re doing at the moment.

But sometimes, honesty is necessary.

And most times honesty is the best policy.

So be honest as much as you can!

Because honesty is refreshing.

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