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    23 Things That Can Only Get Better From Here

    Things will be looking up...soon!

    23. This dad's parenting skills.

    22. Future family photographs.

    21. Your next ride on the Happy Train.

    20. Your public parking abilities.

    19. Love letters from your wife.

    18. Your surfing abilities.

    17. This graphic designer's use of the reflection effect.

    16. This man's Lotto winnings.

    15. The demands of Dr. Hedgehog.

    14. This boy's track-design skills.

    13. This man's grammar.

    This woman's spelling.

    12. Your exercise routine.

    11. This Yahoo answer thread.

    10. Your attitude after patronizing this establishment.

    9. Your future accommodations.

    8. The future handling of leash kids.

    7. The self-esteem of everyone who worked at this McDonald's.

    6. The success of this advertising campaign.

    And the PR for Emory University's Math Department.

    5. Your social sensibility after entering this party.

    4. Your job.

    3. Your self-image after being called into CNN as an expert on this subject.

    And this lady's dating life.

    2. Your heart rate after avoiding nature's pee geysers.


    1. Your experiences with kittens.

    Nothing can get better than this man's obituary.

    Nothing can get better than the lives of these little fishes.


    And, as for this chicken, life will not get better anytime soon.

    SO REMEMEBR: "At least you are not the chicken."

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