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23 Things I Learned Spending A Day With George H.W. Bush At The George Bush Library

It would be prudent.

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19. After your chocolate doughnut and hot dog breakfast, you are ushered into this auditorium...

...where panels of old Bush advisers sit in smoking chairs and talk about how great things were in Bush's White House.

16. Barbara Bush just wanders around the library with her dogs.

6. At the dinner a country band played and shot streamers onto Bush, his son Jeb, and former secretary of defense Bob Gates.

5. Jimmy Fallon made a mash-up video of Bush rapping.

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But after the video was posted online by the library, NBC asked for it to be taken down. Here is how the audience reacted to MC Hammer Bush.

Then Garth Brooks jumped on stage and sang "I Got Friends In Low Places."

Brooks later said it is "easier" to sing that song to a room full of politicians.

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