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    23 People Who Are Getting Fired Today

    Um, nice job?

    23. This nice Italian restaurant waitress.

    22. This wine store stock boy.

    21. This public safety employee.

    20. This adventure journalist.

    19. This forklift operator.

    18. The drill soldier who shot off the hat of his fellow drill soldier.

    17. This Formula One pit crew.

    16. This sexy lounge dancer.

    15. These Ferrari test drivers.

    14. The teacher who really hates call phones.

    13. This Apple Store employee.

    12. This haunted golf cart.

    11. This crane operator.

    10. This tent company.

    9. These kayak company employees.

    8. This beer truck driver.

    7. This goalie.

    6. This mall Santa.

    5. These demolition men.

    4. This ad company.

    3. This professional weightlifter.

    2. This road painting crew.

    1. This soprano.

    And someone who will not be fired: This model.

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