2016 GOP Contenders And Their Biggest Scandals To Date

No one’s perfect.

1. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

Carlo Allegri / Reuters

Biggest Scandal: George Washington Bridge closures

Christie’s staffers coordinated in the closing of the GW Bridge in September, causing major delays.

How it turned out: We’ll see.

After an apologetic press conference and firing the staff directly involved, the political world will await the findings of the U.S. District Attorney investigation.

2. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

Pool New / Reuters / Reuters

Biggest Scandal: The second John Doe investigation of his governorship, and the recall elections that took place after pissing off all these people.

Consequences: Walker won the recall election handily, and hasn’t faced difficulties so far over the investigations.


3. Senator Rand Paul

Alex Wong / Getty Images

Biggest Scandal: Plagiarizing, like, a lot.

Consequences: Rand’s office will now footnote all speeches and statements.

Gary Cameron / Reuters


4. Senator Ted Cruz

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

Biggest Scandal: Wasting 21 hours of our lives.

Consequences: Green Eggs and Ham.


5. Rep. Paul Ryan

JEWEL SAMAD/AFP / Getty Images

Biggest Scandal: Dressing like this.

Consequences: Carney is doing it too, so who cares?

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