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19 Hollywood Guns You Can Buy At The NRA Convention


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19. Beretta 92FS, like in "Boondock Saints."

Like, from badass Equilibrium with Christian Bale.

Or Rush Hour!

Price: $725.00

18. Glock 26 from "Boondock Saints."

Price: $549.99

17. GE M134 Minigun like in "Rambo: First Blood."

Price On Request.

Not sure about the price of the car it's mounted on.

16. M-1 Garand, "Gran Torino."

Collectors item: $750-950

15. Mini-Uzi like in "Delta Force."


Price: $1,400.00

14. UTS-15 like Tom Cruise sports in "Oblivion."

Price: $989.00.

13. Thompson M1928 from "The Godfather."

"Dick Tracy."

And "The Mask!"

Price: $1,668.00

12. Smith & Wesson Model 36 from "The Godfather."

And the "Naked Gun."

Price: $729.00.

11. Colt AR-15 from "Scarface."

Price: $1,500. (w/o the grenade launcher)

10. Walther P99 from "Casino Royale."

Price: $629.00

9. Colt Single Action Army from "True Grit."

And "Back to the Future."

Price: $1349.00

8. Glock 17 from "The Borne Ultimatum."

Price $499.00

7. M1911A1 from "Pulp Fiction."

Price: $423.00

NOT FOUND: Star Model B

6. Desert Eagle from "Last Action Hero."

And "Snatch."

Price: $1,594.00

5. Barrett M82A1M from "Shooter."

Price: $8,000 to $12,000 depending on optics.

4. Pump-action shotgun with a nickel finish like from "Kindergarten Cop."

Price $730.52

3. Kentucky Flintlock Rifle from "The Patriot."

Auction Price.

2. Heckler & Koch MP5K like from "The Matrix."

Price between $8,000 - $11,000 depending on the model.

1. Elmer Fudd double barreled shotgun.

Wide price range.

Not a gun but still so cool: A kickass crossbow, like in "Walking Dead."

Price $599.99.

Not Found:Rambo's M60E3

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