17 Political Hugs Ranked From Awkward To Most Awkward

Act like you like each other.

17. The “Engagement Photo.”

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16. The “Bad Career Decision.”

15. The “We Kind of Hate The Same People.”


14. The “Nervous Mormon.”

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13. The “Not Into This.”

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12. The “I Would Rather Fucking Kill Myself Than Hug You Right Now.”

11. The “I Don’t Know How This Ends.”

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10. The “Secret Service, Please.”

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9. The “Why Am I Here?”

8. The “Too Intense, Take a Xanax.”

7. The “International Incident.”

6. The “McCain Snuggle.”


5. The “Sorry I Fired You.”

4. The “White Guy Bro Squeeze.”

3. The “Do You Need An Internship?”

2. The “Reach-around.”

1. The “Good Luck With This One, Bitch.”

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