17 Perfect Ways To Return To Your Family After Going To War

Not gonna cry…

With a decade of war winding down, many soldiers are returning home to their families.

If you are a soldier, here are some special ways to surprise your family upon your return.


1. You could walk up behind them on an NFL field.

WARNING: Their hats might fall off when they hug you.


2. You could have your son walk to you.


And you could just do the last steps.

3. You could dress up as a baseball player and walk up to your mom, who is being interviewed on the field.


Make sure you lift her up in front of everybody.

4. You could have your wife blindfolded and dancing on Ellen. Then, while blindfolded she sits on your lap.


She will be really happy when the blindfolds come off.

5. You could surprise your child-star kid sister while she is on a talk show.

Just make sure you sit down and join her on the couch.

6. You could replace the goalie at your daughter’s soccer practice.

WARNING: This may disrupt practice.

7. You could announce your return over the stadium loudspeaker at your daughter’s cheerleading competition.

WARNING: She might break formation.


8. You could scuba up to your family while they are on the beach.

WARNING: You might scare them.


But not for long.

9. You could dress up as Santa for Christmas without your family knowing.

Your mom’s expression will be worth it when they figure out that it’s you.

10. You could just wait for your mom after a grocery run.

11. You could jump into your child’s classroom unannounced.


WARNING: This may interfere with the day’s study.

But kids love getting surprises at school.


12. If your mom is a doctor, you could sit on an exam table.

She may be done for the day.

13. You could dress up as the gigantic inflatable Colts mascot while your family is right next to you.


14. Or you could just be there to give them prizes during halftime.

15. You could just be on the other side of an elevator.

16. Surprising your dog can be the best.


Because they are gonna freak out.

PRO TIP: Great Danes will clobber you for being away for so long.


17. You could just walk into every room in the house.


But no matter how you do it, just come home.

Happy Veterans Day.

For many videos of service members returning home, visit the Welcome Home Blog.

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