17 Awkward Photos That Only Politicians Take

Say cheese.

17. The “Look at me! I’m about to go on TV!”

“No, but I’m on TV, IRL.”


16. The “I just voted for myself” curtain creep shot.


15. The “I’m next to a famous person and I don’t understand it.”


14. The “Look at me. I’m wearing a hard hat.”


*Hard hat photos are in the same family as neon vests and lab jackets*


13. The “Shhhh, I’m talking on the phone to an important person.”


12. The “I’m looking at a computer, because technology.”


11. The “These animals and children love me, don’t you?”


10. The “I wear jeans too.”


9. The “Doing something that should definitely not be done in a suit.”


8. The “Hey kid, don’t you just want to take a photo with me in front of my sign?”


7. The “Let’s hold food.”


6. The “Awkward food order.”


5. The “What is this manual labor?”


4. The “Hey, look! I’m in a flak jacket.”


Closely related: The “I got a gun!”


3. The “I’m signing stuff.”

2. The “These little kids do not know who I am.”


1. The “Lets cross our legs together.”

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