13 Sloths Of Congress

This Congress MOVES SLOW.

13. Steny Hoyer once took 127 minutes to give a floor speech. The speech was two paragraphs long.


12. It takes Al Green 4.2 hours to eat his lunch in the Rayburn cafeteria, one leaf at a time.


11. It once took Trent Franks two weeks to get to the floor for votes.


10. Tom Cole only moves at night.


9. John Larson takes all he has to crawl through the metal detector in Longworth.


8. Johnny Isakson will smile for you if you give him 15 minutes.


7. It took Ted Poe three years to get to Washington D.C. when he was elected.


Ted Poe vs. Sloth.

6. Ben Cardin can turn his head 180 degrees. It takes 41 minutes for him to do so.


5. Tom Petri smiles for a long time after his afternoon nap.


4. Jon Runyan just looks like a sloth.


Jon Runyan sloth.

3. Richard Shelby has long, non-threatening claws for hands.


1. Carl Levin has been a senator for close to 40 years. He has only moved 11 feet.


And of the thousands of bills introduced in each Congress, only about 4% of them will become law. Our lawmakers hard at work!

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