Mind-Blowing Things We Can Learn About Mitt Romney From The Trailer For His New Documentary

He IS a real boy!

So here is the new trailer for the *exclusive access* Mitt Romney documentary.

And here is what we learned.

1. We learned that this is how Ann does his hair.

2. He sleeps in the crevice of an airplane seating row.

3. He does not know Obama’s phone number.

4. On election night, he sat next to these twitchy kids.

5. His son, Tagg cries while telling him, “The country may think you’re a laughing stock but we’ll know the truth.”

And that he loves him.

6. Makeup was applied delicately.

7. There are Simba shots.

8. He irons his clothes while wearing them.

Al Smith dinner night apparently.

9. Ann definitely does not want to run for president again.

10. He has an iPod.

11. There is a sexy bathrobe scene.

12. And playful snow days!

Get ready for the action, Jan. 24 on Nexflix.

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