The 11 Different Types Of Capitol Hill Staffers

Which one are you?

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2. Wilber Wonky


Guy who breathes, sleeps, and invests in political games. Relates every discussion to politics. Typical conversation goes:

Co-worker: “How 'bout them Capitals last night?”

His response: “How' bout the polling in Texas 4th District?”

4. Social Media "Expert"

Via Twitter: @SavvyJohn

Super socially awkward, yet in charge of social media for the member. Has no real credentials to do their job, but the member does not know a damn thing about social media, so it works out. Obsessed with member social account statistics. Currently at 36 followers on their personal Twitter account.

6. Sports Guy

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Also can be named Intramural Guy. Never left sports behind after making practice squad for a community college team. Will remind you of that constantly. The office go-to person for sports trivia.

8. Puddle Jumper


Staffer always looking for the next job. Been with a different member every year and new title. Always has an "urgent email" to check at the bar while wearing their staff ID.

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