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    Most Viral Photos From Israel's Mini Hurricane

    Right now Israel is being pounded by heavy rain, wind, thunder and lightning. The scene is similar to what went on in NYC a few months ago. The storm (dubbed: #Geshempocalypse by Benji Lovitt) has inspired viral pictures which have been spreading around the web in Israel. Here are the best ones.

    Highway is being taken over

    Submarine training in the highway's canal

    Lockness monster in Tel Aviv

    Just some traffic in Tel Aviv

    Israel's largest highway

    Train next to an overflowing canal


    Israeli soldiers enjoy the snow

    Russians are coming to Tel Aviv

    Renting kayaks instead of bikes would make much more sense

    And a video of some legitimately insane guys

    The light rail in Jerusalem

    Kayaking on the street

    Forget the flood, coffee is more important

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