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10 Things Only I Will Understand

It's been a wild ride! Twenty-two years since it all began on that fateful day in Hackettstown Community Hospital. Let's take a moment to look back on some of the many private memories, experiences, fears and neuroses that I've cherished or repressed and never shared with anyone else! If you're me, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

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That summer I spent three entire months doing nothing but rolling balls of green modeling clay and throwing them at the window where they would stick and leave shadows of changing length on the floor while I listened to Harry Potter audiobooks.

I would occasionally make a batch of ultra-concentrated iced tea out of like 30 lipton tea bags.

I also would take apart things in my room and clean their parts and then reassemble them.

My inexplicable disgust towards the red squirrel in The Sword In The Stone who tries to force herself upon Arthur in his squirrel form.

That whole scene disturbed me very profoundly, as did my reaction to it.

I remember being vindictively pleased at the the red squirrel's hurt confusion right after Arthur becomes a human again. It was an unfamiliar sort of dull sadism that felt very foreign and unwelcome to me.

The specific, awful, intrusive thoughts—normally reserved for nighttime terror—that would stir sometimes during my 8th grade English class.

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