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17 Unusual Clocks That Don't Look Like Clocks

These clocks are not easy to tell the time by, but they sure look great!

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1. Fourth Dimension Clock By 22 Design Studio, $125

The concept of the 4th Dimension Clock is to link time and space. This unique high-density cement clock comprises graduated levels and projecting hands that sweep over the face denoting the passage of time. (buy)

2. Sasa Clock By Thorunn Arnadottir, $450

Sasa Clock counts time with a necklace of wooden beads placed over a slowly turning carousel. As the carousel rotates, a bead slips down the cord every 5 minutes. The last bead to have dropped indicates the time. This is the mechanical time. (buy)

3. Manifold Clock by Studio Ve, $75

The clock creates a new reading method of form that changes every minute.

The motion of the sheet is like watching someone climb spiral stairs - if you look from above you see him going in circles, but if you look from the side you see him advancing. (buy)

5. Eye Clock by Mike Mak, $35

This clock rolls its eyes the way you do: relieved at lunchtime, cross-eyed all afternoon, and looking for the door when it's quitting time. Rotating irises show left for hours, right for minutes. (buy)

7. Continue Time By Sander Mulder

The widest pointer (attached to the clockwork) shows the hours, the medium sized pointer (attached to the hour pointer) shows the minutes, the smallest pointer (attached to the minute pointer) shows the seconds.

8. Time Clock By Stelton, $140

The clock’s minute arm is linked with and forms the clock face, casting an attractive shadow on the wall. Simplicity gives the clock a unique, graphical look and the absence of traditional clock casing creates the illusion of floating on the wall. (buy)

9. Loops By Toer, $55

With both hands connected in a curl, this clock symbolizes the continuum of time. The slight variances of the twisted curve in combination with the repetition of the rotating hands, expresses the different interpretations of a steadily passing time. Time always continues. (buy)

12. K Clock By Studio Ve, $80

The hour and minute hands of the K clock are two complex assemblies of straight lines. The lines converge to a point that represents the location of the hand. In the course of one hour, each endpoint of one hand connects to each endpoint of the other. These encounters recur 143 times in a full cycle of the clock. (buy)

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