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    • benk19

      I looked over these pictures and hadalaugh but got so upset at all the annoying liberals and conservatives while reading the comments thatIhad to post something. Reagan’s goal was to protect American interests at home and abroad and although his actions were not always morally correct, he did achieve this goal. Although the USSR didn’t actually collapse under the Reagan administration and many historians question his importance to the whole affair, he did playalarge role in the “liberation” of many 2nd world countries from Soviet rule. These countries, went from an open autocracy toasubtle form of neocolonialism instigated by coups during the Reagan administration. Things like the contra affair, the death of Omar Torrijos of Panama and Jaime Aguilera of Ecuador (both libertarians but not commies who died in two separate plane crashes within months of Reagan’s election).
      Reagan wasanationalist who believed in supporting the American people and economy by any means necessary. You don’t have to beableeding liberal to see this, just look at his policies both nationally and internationally. You can claim he wasabeast for his actions abroad and you can claim that he wasahero for the impact he had on the economy and arguably the downfall of the USSR. Truthfully,Ithink he wasabit of both and you all should quit bitching about it and just enjoy the funny article

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