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7 Reasons Why Music Makes Us Feel SO Good!

Having a bad day? Turn up the tunes! Music is good for us – even scientists say so! And here’s why...

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1. It improves our mood. / Via

Listening to your favourite song won’t just get your toe-tapping, it will make you feel better too. So the next time you’re feeling stressed out, put on some soothing sounds to put a smile on your face.

2. It helps us sleep. / Via

Listening to calm, classical music can help improve your quality of sleep, making sure you wake up in the morning feeling well rested.

3. It increases our lung capacity. / Via

It’s no surprise that we use more of our lung capacity when we sing, allowing our bodies to draw in more oxygen. So sing like no one’s watching – you’ll feel better for it!

4. It can help ease pain. / Via

Scientists have revealed that music can help reduce physical discomfort such as back pain.

5. It will improve your workouts. / Via

Sweating it up to some sassy beats won’t only make your visit to the gym more bearable, but will also get your revved up so that you put more effort into your exercises.

6. It’s good for the mind and soul. / Via

Studies have found that music can improve our cognitive function, boosting our memory and reducing the speed of age-related mental decline as well as fighting depression.

7. So turn some music on – don’t you feel better already? Now make someone else’s day and share this post (or your favourite song) with them!

Go on, they'll love it really! / Via

Go on, they'll love it really!

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