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  • If You Had A Baby By 50 Cent, …Would You Become A Millionaire?

    Was listening to 50 Cent’s song, “Baby by me”, in which he clearly states in his lyrics… “Have a baby by me baby, be a millionaire” (About 30 times) ….and I started thinking… That’s pretty cocky ….and definitely needs some SERIOUS looking into. Child support is based on your income and how many other children you are currently supporting. Okay. 50 Cent makes 33.5 million dollars a year (2.75 Million a month), lives in California, and already has one child (One woman already CASHED IN on his offer) Using the California Child Support Calculator… if you successfully got 50 Cent to knock you up. I’m going to assume you’re a minimum wage worker (15K a year) and 50 will definitely not marry you. ….you’d get 313,506$ a month!! So, you wouldn’t be a millionaire in a month… but 313,506 times 12 (months in a year) is $3,762,072 a year. That amount times the childhood span of a human’s life, 18 years. Over 18 years, 50 Cent would have to pay you $67,717,296 in child support. …Looks like he did his homework. well done 50. well done. References. California Child Support Calculator -

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