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What They Got Wrong About TV Studios In The Interview

Two television studios are featured in the infamous movie - but the real problem was with their studio designs! Written by the director of The Anthony Cumia Show

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Setting aside everything else about The Interview... they made NO effort to make the TV Studios in both New York and North Korea look ANYTHING like a modern or past TV studio. Trust me - I've worked in a variety of control rooms as small as a local access studio to control rooms used to broadcast Conan on TBS.

For starters, there were no labels on ANY monitors. Who knows what they're working on? In the Korean studio, there was not a glimpse of a 16x9 monitor yet it magically appeared in full HD once it got to the United States. Yes, there was a professional grade audio mixer in NY (which would never live in the front row front and center), some color bars and a waveform, but those studios would look alien to any television professional.

And from a content perspective, they eliminated the position of director and had the producer call the shots. This is TV 101, folks!