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Better Ice Bucket Challenges

Over the past few weeks the Ice Bucket Challenge has swapped our news feeds with posts supporting ALS ( Those are starting to get a bit boring - here are a few better options.

BenMakesTV 5 years ago

Text The Mayor

Ithaca Mayor Svante Myrick is known to be one of the youngest and coolest mayors around. He had an LED Sign placed in his office that displays text messages from his constituents as a part of a project with local Ithaca artist Blake Fall-Conroy! These are some of the best messages so far.

BenMakesTV 5 years ago

Death By Doorknob

Murder Trial of the Golden Doorknob web-series premieres on December 5 at - Here is some evidence that may suggest that a doorknob killed hundreds of innocent victims.

BenMakesTV 6 years ago