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Working In IT As Told By J-Law GIFs

So you've decided to take a job in Tech Support...

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Congratulations! You're going to work in a career field that is both the best thing ever…

...and the worst thing ever.

See, most days are either a series of heart attack-inducing crises...

...or an ocean of ominous silence.

Basically you just end up waiting for the next time the A/C starts leaking condensation all over the servers or an unwitting city worker cuts a line to the entire building.

Everyone will probably think you're mean or surly.

Really, you're just tired of losing your faith in humanity every day.

How would you react to someone who keeps putting "www" in front of the email address to which they're trying to send?

I mean, you try being diplomatic but sometimes it just doesn't get through.

Or imagine you get an "emergency" call about a computer that's "not working," and when you get there you found out it's not even plugged anything.

Then, there's the "porn joke."

Yeah, every time someone’s computer is getting worked on, someone else jokingly accuses them of “looking at too much porn.”

Exactly. And everyone acts like they're the first person to think of it, too.

Have you ever tried getting one of your users to just submit a ticket or work order?

Well, trust me when I say it's harder than nabbing an Oscar at 22.

But waaaay less awesome.

But before I make it sound like you'll need a drink every-

Oh! Sorry, I'll wait for you to finish that.

I was just going to say before I make it sound like you'll need a drink every day, the job also has a lot of positives.

A lot of IT workplaces have less strict dress codes than typical office jobs.

I don't blame you. Live it up!

Solving a bizarre computer problem on your own feels awesome.

Because people act like you just wrought magic before their very eyes.

And being the person your friends and family come to for tech advice feels pretty great too.

In the end, it's the kind of work that can sometimes make you lose your mind...

...or feel like you just can't make any progress.

Or it can be the kind of work that makes you feel like a total badass.

I think you're gonna do great.

No, seriously! Trust me, you got this.

Enough work talk! You want to go grab a byte?

Ha ha, no. I meant "byte" as in a digital unit...ya know, like gigabyte?

Yeah, it was a pretty bad joke. Sorry.

Good talk, I'll catch up with you later.


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