I'm a puzzle. a puzzle made for 4 yr olds.
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    • benitogeeb

      Her faces were fukt-ed distracticing. I’ve read about the band and was very interested in seeing/hearing them live. What the eff! The first song her face kept taking me out of enjoying it. They’re all a little precocious, but she seriously was making my stomach churn! As any wonder I fixed my self a drink in between their later song and found myself humming the first song they played (props!) But later came their second and couldn’t do it. WTF, if she was the front or if the song had some real angst I might be ok with it, but she’s mostly performing background with this fucked up ‘I’m either going to shit in you mouth’ or ‘I’m just really constipated’ faces.WTF! Don’t they have a manager to express that her faces are a BS distraction to their credibility? Haim’s music is cool, but Este’s faces fuk it all up.

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