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Zac Efron's Brother Posted A Thirst Trap So Zac Reacted Like Any Sibling And Trolled The Hell Out Of It

Celebrity siblings are just like us, who knew?

This is Zac Efron. You probably recognise him, I don't know.

Someone you might not recognise is the other Efron, Zac's little brother, Dylan.

No offence to Zac, but Dylan's Instagram is better for reasons I won't get into right now.

Before we get distracted, let's get back on track and talk about Dylan's most recent thirst trap. It is... well, it's something.

Now when faced with a thirst trap of this magnitude there are a few basic reactions. You can faint (like me), you can make a joke of it, like Ryan here...

Or you can pull the ultimate sibling move and troll them in the comments instead. Obviously Zac chose the latter.

People obviously loved the comment. Especially because it reminded them of their own sibling relationships.

Celebrity siblings – they're just like us!