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14 Celebrities Who Have DiCaprio'd Pretty Damn Hard

These men, like a fine wine, have only got better with age.

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DiCaprio verb: To become even more good-looking with time.

Like the man from which the phrase originated: Leo looked mighty fine as a young man in 1996, but he's all kinds of beardy, godly goodness now.

1. Johnny Depp, 1984 and 2013

He ~somehow~ pulled off a crop top in A Nightmare on Elm Street in the '80s. He was the Cry Baby we all wanted to ride pillion with, and we'd still ride pillion with him now!


3. Brad Pitt, 1999 and 2014

Brad Pitt. BRAD. FUCKING. PITT. We all enjoyed his Fight Club days, his cameo in Friends days, his World War Z days...basically ~every~ day with Brad Pitt is a day the sun should never set on.

6. Ashton Kutcher, 2005 and 2014

He was the floppy-haired hunk we all wanted to take away from Demi. Now he's beardy and muscly and funny and a dad and all Mila Kunis's. If you listen REALLY carefully... Yep, there's the sound of every heart breaking.


8. Will Smith, 1996 and 2015

In the '90s, he was the Prince to our hearts. Now he's the adorable family man who's equal measure beauty and humour. Fun fact: In I, Robot Will had to strap his manhood to his thigh for a steamy shower scene...


10. Jake Gyllenhaal, 2005 and 2015

Jake "I'll teach you how to spell my last name when we're married" Gyllenhaal has never been one to crack a mirror. But in 2015, he bulked up and made us all want to throw on a nurse's outfit to tend to his boxing wounds in Southpaw. At present, there is a queue for said privilege.

11. Orlando Bloom, 2003 and 2013

Kit Harington there may be, but Orlando came first. He managed to pry our eyes away from Johnny Depp in 2003 when he was the pirate we all wanted to be saved by. Fast-forward and he has that certain je ne sais quoi that makes our heart go all a-flutter.

12. Gerard Butler, 2005 and 2014

Gerard has always been that "rough around the edges" Scotsman. Now he does it with a bowtie instead of a dog tag. Either is something to hold onto.

13. Henry Cavill, 2007 and 2015

In 2007 you could have Henry "The Tempting Tudor" Cavill. In 2015, you can have Henry "my-beard-is-sex" Cavill. Either is a choice you should sing hallelujah for.

14. David Gandy, 2008 and 2015

Look above. To the left first. Admire the rack. You're welcome.

Now look above again. To the right. Imagine how good that suit would look on your bedroom floor. You're also welcome.