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The Best Jokes On The Internet As Queen Elizabeth II Became Britain's Longest-Reigning Monarch

Queen Elizabeth II has just beaten Queen Victoria to become Britain's longest-reigning monarch, and Twitter has reacted in the way it knows best.

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1. They made Game of Thrones references perfectly.

Well played Elizabeth of House Windsor, mother of corgis, wearer of pastels, keeper of the Iron Throne.#longestreign

2. Baratheon who?

3. They even mixed GoT and The Devil Wears Prada references together.

You go Queen Liz! #longestreign | Jessie

4. They showed some of her best bits.

Congratulations on being the longest reigning Queen, ma'am. Here's some of your best bits. #LongestReign

Which, of course, involved her pulling pints with another queen behind the bar.

5. They imagined she'd act pretty casually about the whole affair because she'd have gin on the mind.

To do this week: 1) open a train line 2) bollock the PM 3) order more gin 4) become the longest serving monarch in British history #Busy

"Give one ~all~ the gin."

6. They applauded her reign on the throne in comparison to their own.

Most time I ever spent on the throne was 3 hours 45 mins, after eating an out of date Aldi Prawn Bhuna microwave meal for one #longestreign

7. Or they began to wonder how she'd stayed on the throne so long herself.

Congrats, Queenie! #longestreign #longestreigningmonarch

8. They joked about Charles.

"Don't try it Charles, you're going before me... one way or another!" #longestreign

At least, we hope it was a joke...

9. There were some questionable jokes, too...

#QueenElizabeth loves to make a cup of tea, because when she's not reigning, she's pouring. #longestreign #longestreigningmonarch #HM

10. They brought Mean Girls into it.

One's reigning #LongestReign #Grool

11. They didn't forget about Netflix and chill.

63 years into "medieval institution on the backs of the public and chill" and she gives you this look #LongestReign

12. They acknowledged that yes, Wayne Rooney was breaking records, but no, it didn't matter today.

Rooney, I'm really happy for you and ima let you finish, but Queen Elizabeth II had the #longestreign of all time.

*passes the mic to Kanye*

13. They didn't forget about the "victims" of Queen Elizabeth II.

Remember when the queen killed all those people?

14. They knew a lot of other queens but...Liz.

I know a few Queens that would give her a run for her money....#QueenElizabeth #LongestReigningMonarch

15. They even started to wonder if she'd even make it or abdicate for the lols.

The Queen should abdicate 5 seconds before she breaks the record. I reckon she's got the paperwork ready

The queen wasn't actually the longest-reigning monarch until 5:30pm on Wednesday.

16. And if she did abdicate, who she should abdicate in favour for.

@keab42 "I abdicate in favour of William" "No mummy, my name is Charles...C-h-a-r-l-e-s" "I know; I'm doing what's best for business!"

17. Alternatively, they wondered if she'd be a fair sport or just shut the game down after winning.

Of course, if she really wants to be the longest reigning monarch EVER, she should dissolve the monarchy at 17.31.

"Soz peasants, ain't nobody taking that record from me so say ta ta to the monarchy."

18. But really, they were hoping for a Nicki/Miley moment again.

19. Well done, Liz!

23,226 days. 16 realms. 12 PMs. 1 Queen. #Congratulations #LongestReign