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19 Times Tumblr Understood The Struggle Of Being A Writer

Please don't arrest me, it was just research I swear!

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1. When you're trying to inspire yourself.

2. But the inspiration doesn't exactly last long.

3. When your brain is being a little bitch.

4. When a lightning bolt hits you out of nowhere.


5. And you finally get home to write it all down.

6. When you throw everything at the wall and hope something sticks.

7. But 9 times out of 10, nothing really sticks at all.

8. When even you're surprised by what's happening.


9. When you start confusing yourself.

10. When you can't relate to your characters so Google becomes your best friend.

11. When you're writing erotic literature.

12. When you attempt to go back and edit your work.


13. But reading it back reveals everything that is wrong with it.

14. So you have no choice but to make it better.

15. And to start questioning the meaning of everything.

16. Describing your novel is a pretty difficult task.


17. Especially when your parents ask.

18. You just hope that your parents love you enough to give you an alibi when you're inevitably arrested for researching.

19. And finally, when you realise being a writer just doesn't live up to the expectation.