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    I Was Added To A Group Chat With Eight Strangers And It Got Incredibly Weird

    Will the real Ben Henry please stand up...

    Thursday was just like any other day; I got up, I went to work, I did my normal thing. Nothing out of the ordinary. Except maybe one small thing...

    Ben Henry / BuzzFeed

    Eight strangers, also called Ben Henry, added me to a group message on Facebook and... well, it was just a bit weird tbh.

    Ben Henry / BuzzFeed

    Nothing weird to see here, move along.

    It turns out that a lot of people were being added to group chats with strangers of the same name.

    Someone named Alex Brough added every other Alex Brough on Facebook and started a group chat with all of us :/

    Just to clarify, the Ben Henrys were clearly the best but whatever.

    Things got out of hand really quickly when one Ben Henry decided to mark the occasion by buying a personalised number plate for his car with the nickname we've all had at some point.

    Ben Henry / BuzzFeed

    That's true dedication to the Ben Henry brand.

    We eventually had to start numbering the Ben Henrys because it was getting really confusing AF.

    Ben Henry / BuzzFeed

    But things started to get really weird really quickly. Two of the Ben Henrys had the same lucky number.

    Ben Henry / BuzzFeed

    And things got EVEN WEIRDER; two of the Ben Henrys actually have a mutual friend.

    Ben Henry / BuzzFeed


    And if this day wasn't weird enough, it didn't stop snowballing there.

    Ben Henry / BuzzFeed

    So basically that's how this happened:

    Ben Henry / BuzzFeed

    Yep. Less than 12 hours after we first stated talking, three Ben Henrys met up for a drink in Covent Garden, because what is actually weird about that?

    It was a momentous occasion.

    Ben Henry / BuzzFeed

    The guy in the middle is not a Ben Henry, so basically he was an intruder.

    Ben Henry number one was so upset he couldn't be there, he started to plan world domination.

    Ben Henry / BuzzFeed

    So basically my day was very, very strange but I guess you could say we kind of became friends. We even decided we'd go for a Christmas meal together!

    Ben Henry / BuzzFeed


    However, even Ben Henrys can't agree about some things.

    Ben Henry / BuzzFeed
    1. So it's down to you BuzzFeed readers – who do ~you~ think is the best looking Ben Henry?

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    So it's down to you BuzzFeed readers – who do ~you~ think is the best looking Ben Henry?
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      Ben Henry #1 (far left).
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      Ben Henry #7.
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      Ben Henry #8 (right).
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      Ben Henry #2.

    Either way, Ben Henry #8 hit the nail on the head.

    Ben Henry / BuzzFeed

    And that is the end of my weird, weird day.

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