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    I Was Added To A Group Chat With Eight Strangers And It Got Incredibly Weird

    Will the real Ben Henry please stand up...

    Thursday was just like any other day; I got up, I went to work, I did my normal thing. Nothing out of the ordinary. Except maybe one small thing...

    Eight strangers, also called Ben Henry, added me to a group message on Facebook and... well, it was just a bit weird tbh.

    It turns out that a lot of people were being added to group chats with strangers of the same name.

    Someone named Alex Brough added every other Alex Brough on Facebook and started a group chat with all of us :/

    Just to clarify, the Ben Henrys were clearly the best but whatever.

    Things got out of hand really quickly when one Ben Henry decided to mark the occasion by buying a personalised number plate for his car with the nickname we've all had at some point.

    We eventually had to start numbering the Ben Henrys because it was getting really confusing AF.

    But things started to get really weird really quickly. Two of the Ben Henrys had the same lucky number.

    And things got EVEN WEIRDER; two of the Ben Henrys actually have a mutual friend.

    And if this day wasn't weird enough, it didn't stop snowballing there.

    So basically that's how this happened:

    It was a momentous occasion.

    The guy in the middle is not a Ben Henry, so basically he was an intruder.

    Ben Henry number one was so upset he couldn't be there, he started to plan world domination.

    So basically my day was very, very strange but I guess you could say we kind of became friends. We even decided we'd go for a Christmas meal together!


    However, even Ben Henrys can't agree about some things.

    1. So it's down to you BuzzFeed readers – who do ~you~ think is the best looking Ben Henry?

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    So it's down to you BuzzFeed readers – who do ~you~ think is the best looking Ben Henry?
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      Ben Henry #1 (far left).
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      Ben Henry #7.
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      Ben Henry #8 (right).
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      Ben Henry #2.

    Either way, Ben Henry #8 hit the nail on the head.

    And that is the end of my weird, weird day.