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23 Things You'll Understand If You're 10 Years Older Than Your Sibling

"You're older, you should know better." Fuck that.

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4. When they were little, it was your job to take them to the baby park.

I'm such a good big sister taking my baby to the park & stuff

You resented this because what if your friends saw you hanging about in there? That's so uncool.


5. Since there were 10 years between you and your sibling, babysitting duties were often left to you.

13. You live to torment your little sibling by playing pranks and teasing them.

18. Even though you did all your exams 10 years before your sibling, you'll still happily gloat about it if you got better results than they did.

19. It's great when you finally pass your driving test and you can take your sibling out on the road without your parents.

20. You argue like cat and dog and you mostly get the blame because "You're an adult and you should know better."

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Your sibling's probably looking really smug behind your parent's back while they're telling you this.


22. You're always inevitably in different stages of life because 10 years is actually a really big age gap between siblings.