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    We Asked Guys On Grindr For Their Opinions About The Budget

    George Osborne: Hot or not?

    It's time for the government to reveal its Budget for 2016 and that can only mean one thing – a fine opportunity to ask the gentlemen of Grindr for their opinions about the deficit, stamp duties on landlords, and other hot topics.

    1. This guy doesn't like things too ~draconian~.

    2. This guy seems like a total catch for a few reasons: He's willing to give something his best shot, and willing to admit when he's wrong.

    3. This guy is all for higher taxes on landlords.

    4. Everyone could learn a lot from this guy about flirting.

    5. This guy sounds like people ask him about deficit reduction on Grindr all day long.

    6. This guy would make a pretty ruthless chancellor.

    7. This guy, like most people, is looking for someone of a similar target interest rate to himself.

    8. And this guy has a ~considerable~ personal allowance.

    9. This guy suggested an interesting new stamp duty.

    10. While this guy actually prefers to chat about *American* politics on Grindr.

    11. This guy understands the importance of housing benefit for many young people.

    12. While this guy clearly has a problem with someone named Nadine.

    13. This guy wasn't having any of it. 😕

    14. But this guy thought this was the best question about the Budget he'd heard yet.

    15. But of them all, this guy seems like a keeper tbh.

    He has well-informed opinions on all the most important questions!