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    16 British TV Shows That Would Confuse The Fuck Out Of Americans

    A dating show where you see their actual penis before their face? Yes, that exists.

    1. Naked Attraction

    Channel 4 / Studio Lambert

    This dating show is a wild ride from start to finish. Basically people are put in boxes naked and their body parts are revealed one by one, from the bottom up. So yes, you see their genitals before you see their face. And yes, there is zero censoring. Like I said, wild.

    2. The Inbetweeners

    Entertainment Film Distributors

    Quite possibly the most British TV show to ever exist. It follows a group of seriously uncool teenage boys in school, so you can imagine how that goes. It poses questions such as "How much Lego can you fit up your bum?" and much much more. Americans tried to do their own version, but nothing can live up to the original.

    3. Embarrassing Bodies

    Channel 4 / Maverick Television

    Have you ever been so embarrassed, so damn mortified, about something that you decided to broadcast it to the entire country? No, me either. But hey, that was the premise behind Embarrassing Bodies, which encouraged people with "embarrassing" illnesses to announce it on national TV, because why not?

    4. Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents

    BBC Three / Zodiak Media Group

    Imagine going on your first party holiday with your friends and doing all the things you don't want your parents to see, only for them to pop out at the end of the week to announce they've been there and watching the whole time. Basically if you're American, imagine your parents watching your spring break antics.

    5. Ex on the Beach

    MTV / Whizz Kid Entertainment

    So you go on holiday with a bunch of other young people basically wanting to find love or get laid when suddenly your ex just comes out of the water like some holiday-ruining sea monster. It is literally car-crash television at its best and it's pretty fantastic.

    6. Splash!

    ITV / Twofour

    A TV programme where professional divers teach celebrities how to throw themselves off platforms and into the water. Literally what could go wrong? Answer: everything.

    7. Carjackers

    E4 / Electric Ray

    Basically a TV show where someone steals their friend's/relative's car and gives it a ludicrous makeover. Your best mate steals your car and turns it into an actual dog, what do you do? Cry, tbh – cars are expensive.

    8. Tattoo Fixers

    E4 / Studio Lambert

    If you really want to see how fantastic British people are, you need look no further than this tattoo correction show. Basically people come in with really shit tattoos and get them covered up. Shit tattoos include a lot of dicks. Like, a lot.

    9. Footballers' Wives

    ITV / Shed Productions

    Although this is pretty old now, there's never been a TV show quite like Footballers' Wives since. Storylines included swapping babies, faking kidnappings, and the mafia killing a dog and putting it in a curry as revenge. Seriously, it was batshit.

    10. Strip Date

    Channel 5 / Boomerang

    We've all been on a date where we thought the other person could've dressed a bit better. But this TV show takes it a step further, and lets blind dates dress each other up before they actually meet, because that's not a recipe for disaster.

    11. Bo' Selecta!

    Channel 4 / Talkback

    I just... I don't actually know how to explain this to you. Whether you're British or American, this show just doesn't really make sense. Basically it's someone wearing a massive mask impersonating celebrities. I think.

    12. The Lie Detective

    Channel 4

    Imagine breaking up with your partner and then months later getting the chance to ask them questions you probably don't need the answers to because you're moving on. Well, that's the basic premise for this show. There were a lot of stink bombs dropped.

    13. Celebs Go Dating

    E4 / Lime Pictures

    Celebrities are just normal people, like you and I, and so why shouldn't they be able to find love? In this show, celebrities go on dates with "normal" people only to end up getting with each other instead.

    14. Battlecats

    Channel 4

    I'm not saying this isn't probably the best idea for a TV show ever but...basically it's just a lot of cats competing against each other in cat activities. How fucking fantastic?

    15. Coach Trip

    Channel 4 / 12 Yard

    Because we're exceptionally British, we love to watch people go on holiday on a coach. No seriously, that is this whole programme. People, on a coach, on holiday.

    16. Gogglebox

    Channel 4 / Studio Lambert

    You've probably heard about Gogglebox, the TV show where people watch TV. Yes, we watch people watch TV. It's honestly much better than it sounds. No seriously.

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