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18 Kinky AF Things People Have Actually Done During Sex

WARNING: This is very NSFW.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the kinkiest things they've ever done. The submissions were...let's just say NSFW!

Remember that BDSM and other subdivisions of it are consensual acts that include a lot of preparation and instruction before they can be carried out properly for the enjoyment of all parties.

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1. The cone of shame.

"I’m in a full-time Master/slave dynamic with my partner. One of my biggest kinks is piss play and humiliation. My fondest memory was having 22+ men pee on me while I was wearing a cone of shame. After being peed on, my Master forced me to sit in the pee for a long time before being allowed to shower off. It was definitely one of the hottest things I’ve ever done."


2. The Daddy/dom fetish.

"My girl has a Daddy/dom fetish. Spanking and impact play are a must, usually coupled with clothespins and nipple clamps. She’s absolutely required to call me Daddy or Sir, and if not, punishment will ensue. There’s something amazing about having a person put their total trust in you and let you completely control and use their body."


3. The secret party.

"Me and my ex had a party and in the middle of it we stealthily made our way to the back room and while we were having sex I tied her up. When we were done I left her like that and then after an hour I came back and we did it again. Just to be clear, the entire thing was completely consensual."

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4. The cuckold.

"My girlfriend and I are into cuckolding. We met a guy and I watched him fuck her in the ass while I sucked her toes. After he came in her ass, I licked it out and we kissed. Five minutes later, she started giving him a blowjob again. He came in her mouth, she kissed me, and then spat it into my mouth."


5. The confessions of a cam girl.

"I'm a cam girl and while I’m in the free chatroom, my husband is logged in as well. When I do private shows, he peeks in the room and watches me and after I'm done working for the night we have mind-blowing sex. It really turns him on seeing all these people flirting and talking dirty with me."


6. The journey of self-discovery.

"I grabbed the lube from next to my bed and after a bit of prep, I was able to push my dick in my own ass and have sex with myself. I was so into it that I started to talk dirty to myself, changing roles so that one second I was begging some imaginary stud to pound me harder and the next I was calling myself a needy bitch. This all culminated with me calling myself daddy and cumming inside myself."


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7. The bible bashing.

"My mother-in-law is a lawyer and has her own office. Me and my husband had sex all over the place: her desk, her secretary's desk, the floor, and even the copy room. One time I was on a desk bigger than the others, but my husband couldn't reach me so he took a big book to step on. When we were done, my husband picked up the book and realised that it was actually the bible."


8. The welcome home party.

"My girlfriend’s parents were giving me a lift back home from the airport one afternoon. My girlfriend and I were in the backseat, one thing led to another, and I was getting a blowjob. It was the quietest orgasm I’ve ever had."


9. The unaware and unfortunate roommate.

"I had sex with a girl in her dorm room while we were in the middle of a conversation with her roommate. We just kinda snuggled up under the covers, both facing her roommate. Mid-conversation, she leaned back and whispered, 'I want you inside me'. I just kinda smiled and nodded my way through the conversation while very subtly doing the deed."



10. The overtime at work.

"I fucked my boss in the ass using a strap-on while we were in his office during the middle of a work day."


11. The vaginal speculum.

"I’m all about the kink: I’ve nursed a grown man like a baby, I've been fisted and then had his penis inserted at the same time, and I've had my vagina stretched with a vaginal speculum."


12. The food that didn't go to waste.

"Whilst my girlfriend’s parents were away for the weekend, we did a bit of naked cooking. She was only wearing an apron whilst I fucked her from behind over the oven. We got our bodily fluids on the food when I pulled out, but we decided to eat it all anyway."


20th Century Fox

13. The in-car entertainment.

"I once drove 30 minutes to a guy’s house with a butt plug in the whole time. The vibrations from the car made me orgasm twice."


14. The dirty talk.

"My girlfriend literally gets off on the thought of me being dominated by men while we're having sex. I’ll slowly whisper a detailed play-by-play of the sex I used to have with guys while she rubs herself. Right when she tells me she’s about to cum, I jump up and sit on her face so I can feel the vibrations from her moans and so she can taste me while she climaxes."


15. The spit-roast.

"Me and another woman spit-roasted her boyfriend using strap-ons."



16. The routine examination.

"I put on latex gloves and played nurse to my husband. I gave him a prostate exam and started blowing him simultaneously."


17. The cleanup process.

"Once, my ex and I were having sex on his couch and I asked him to cum on my breasts. When he was done, I swirled his semen over each nipple and put my finger in my mouth to lick off the rest. Then I said, 'I’m not cleaning it up. I’m going to leave your cum on me all day.' And I did. We went to the grocery store, the park and out to dinner."


18. The kinky animals.

"We have this thing where my girlfriend dresses as an iguana and I dress as an armadillo."

– Robert Rio, Facebook

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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