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    Posted on Sep 13, 2016

    12 Things You’ll Understand If You Can’t Draw But Desperately Want To

    WARNING: This post has been illustrated by someone who cannot draw (me).

    1. It's a struggle when your drawing talents haven't really progressed since you were 6 years old.

    Ben Henry / BuzzFeed

    Van Gogh could never tbh.

    2. In fact it's just straight-up distressing when you realise your drawings have actually got worse since you were a toddler.

    Ben Henry / BuzzFeed

    But at least you still remember to put the sun in the corner of the page.

    3. Drawing people is basically impossible because they somehow come out looking like a nonhuman species from the planet Zog.

    Ben Henry / BuzzFeed

    Is that...a pumpkin on his head?

    4. Even drawing your goddamn self is impossible.

    Ben Henry / BuzzFeed

    TBH I can't even tell the difference and it's my selfie. Which one is the photograph? We'll never know.

    5. You can forget your portraits being beautiful and pretty because your hand's just not listening when it's drawing.

    Ben Henry / BuzzFeed

    Expectation: a pretty woman.

    Reality: Miss Piggy's deformed sister.

    6. And animals don't come out how they're supposed to.

    Ben Henry / BuzzFeed

    How do you even draw a dog anyway?

    7. You know your drawing is a complete shitshow when you can't even get a simple shape down.

    Ben Henry / BuzzFeed

    This is a cube, in case you didn't know.

    8. A stick man is about the extent of your talents, and even those are questionable.

    Ben Henry / BuzzFeed

    I personally think this is one of the better stick men you'll see, mostly because I included a stick dog, which is real attention to detail.

    9. Your artistic skills are so bad, you probably have to explain what bits of your drawing are.

    Ben Henry / BuzzFeed

    Yes, that grey blotch is a cloud, don't question me.

    10. Even copying someone else's drawing isn't exactly an easy task.

    Flo Perry / Ben Henry / BuzzFeed

    It all started with such hope and promise.

    11. It's sad when people laugh at your drawings because you're really trying your hardest.

    Ben Henry / BuzzFeed

    Here I am crying because of it and also because my head's lopsided and I don't know why.

    12. But you eventually get to the "I can't draw, so what" stage of life and continue on your merry way, drawing lopsided faces with big ears and being happy about it.

    Ben Henry / BuzzFeed

    Seriously though, my ears are not actually that big, idk what happened there.

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