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    Posted on Jan 31, 2018

    Someone Tipped A "Drag Race" Queen With A Burger And People Think It's Hilarious

    What a McLegend.

    If you're a RuPaul's Drag Race fan, then forgive this introduction. If you're not, say hi to the queen of this story, Aja.

    Just for some extra background info, Aja was a contestant on season nine of the show, and is currently competing in All Stars 3.

    Although there's only been one episode of All Stars so far, Aja is a firm favourite after she basically tried to give us all a heart attack when she did this death drop. The irony of the name is not lost.


    OK so now you're all up to date, let's get to the actual point. Aja was performing, as drag queens do, and when she'd done she went down to collect her tips from the crowd. Except, they weren't all dollar bills...

    @ajaqueen took my mcchicken what a LEGEND

    Let's run that back, shall we? So you can see Aja coming down the line, collecting her coins, and you can also see the McChicken waving about trying to get her attention.

    Aja's reaction to being gifted a burger is very relatable tbh, I would feel the exact same way.

    And when Aja tweeted about it, people thought it was hilarious.

    @ajaqueen Aja is taking our wigs, our tips, AND our food in 2018

    @ajaqueen Just want a man to look at me the way Aja looks at a McChicken tbh πŸ€”πŸ˜‚

    Coincidentally after seeing that you can get tipped with burgers, I suddenly want to be a drag queen too, so I'll see you in a city near you (and McDonald's) soon.


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