19 Tweets That Prove British Police Are The Best On Twitter

Who knew police were low-key funny?

1. When they made this fantastic moped pun.

2. When they attended a late-night 999 call.

3. When they tried to correct a mistake but instead just dug themselves a hole.

4. When they weren’t sure what “nearly” meant.

5. When they got into some cheeky banter.

6. When they lent props for a photo op but it just turned to shit.

Cop regrets lending helmet to hen party for photo Deansgate Locks, after it fell off bride-to-be's head into canal

— GMP City Centre (@GMPCityCentre)

7. When they were only trying to return lost items to their rightful owners.

If you left 14 snaps bags of weed on windowsill of college on Whitworth St today, don't worry, it's safe with us. By all means get in touch

— GMP City Centre (@GMPCityCentre)

8. When they found a homeless man with a rather nice painting in his possession.

Anyone had this painting go overnight? Homeless man 5am told us he had 'acquired it' overnight, to hang in his tent.

— GMP City Centre (@GMPCityCentre)

9. And weren’t buying his story.

...he wasn't very convicing, so we're just checking if anyone's got a blank space on a wall where this painting used to be

— GMP City Centre (@GMPCityCentre)

10. When they weren’t down for entertaining bored people.

999 call at 8pm last night from man in phone box Granby Row who asked us to come and arrest him "because he's bored." We didn't go.

— GMP City Centre (@GMPCityCentre)

11. When they knew how expensive football stickers actually were.

Shopliftings today inc man who stole 3 whole boxes of football stickers worth £150. And we reckon that's still not enough to fill an album..

— GMP City Centre (@GMPCityCentre)

12. When they were 100% certain they’d seen Batman.

Amongst animal welfare protestors today was a Batman. He's apparently just left the city on a bus, so might not be the actual, real Batman

— GMP City Centre (@GMPCityCentre)

13. When they received the call we all want to make after visiting the hairdresser.

Just had a phone call into the office. Someone complaining they've had their hair cut, don't like it, and want us to sort it

— GMP City Centre (@GMPCityCentre)

14. When they were patrolling the city and spotted Jaws.

City cop certain they spotted a shark in Deansgate Locks today

— GMP City Centre (@GMPCityCentre)

15. When they spotted a pair of plimsolls outside their HQ.

Just found these at HQ front door. Seems someone couldn't wait to part with our not very trendy custody plimsolls

— GMP City Centre (@GMPCityCentre)

16. But knew hipsters would appreciate them under different circumstances.

17. When they made this terrific joke any dad would be proud of.

Report of swan on the loose on Mancunian Way earlier today. We sent our finest, but no trace. Already swanned off?

— GMP City Centre (@GMPCityCentre)

18. And finally, when they revealed they’re just like you and me.

Insp S - after 7 long late afternoon/night shifts covering Response/999 across North Manchester, it had to be done:

— GMP City Centre (@GMPCityCentre)

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