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    17 Times Rihanna Was Funnier Than A Goddamn Comedian

    Singer, model, make-up entrepreneur, and actual comedian.

    1. When she let a fan sing a line and was shook by how good he sounded.

    2. When Drake gave a glowing speech about her, including the fact that he'd been in love with her since he was 22, and this was her reaction.


    3. When she received the Harvard Foundation award for Humanitarian of the Year and opened her speech with "So, I made it to Harvard" and this sassy AF hair flip.

    Harvard Foundation / Via

    4. When she got dressed for the CFDA Fashion Awards and her friends started hyping how good she looked.

    5. Followed by when she was on the red carpet and gave this answer to a reporter's question.

    Extra TV

    6. She had a good point tbf.

    Extra TV

    7. When a paparazzi guy asked her to say hey to her nail artist for him and Rihanna replied "tell her your damn self if you know her" followed by this iconic moment.

    TMZ / Via

    8. When she tried to wink and it was actually adorable.


    9. I mean if this is how Rihanna says we wink, we've all been doing it wrong, end of.


    10. When she'd had enough of the flash.

    11. And gave the paps some tips on how to get a good picture.

    12. When she was trying to support her team at the NBA Finals and someone yelled at her to sit down.

    13. When a pap asked her for free tickets and she wasn't having it because "y'all make enough money off of me".

    14. When a reporter asked what she was looking for in a man.

    15. When she was just trying to get to her car and a pap asked if he could go with her.

    16. And finally, when she basically got bored at the Grammys and got out the hip flask that she'd snuck in.


    17. I've never seen anything more relatable in my life tbh.