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17 Times The Kardashians Dropped Hints About Kylie's Pregnancy And Had Us All Stressed

From rumours and reveals, to conspiracy theories and Christmas cards.

If you've been asleep for the last 12 hours or so, you might've missed some really important news, so let me be the one to break it to you – KYLIE JENNER HAS FINALLY HAD HER BABY!!!!

Yep, after a pretty wild and intense ride that lasted from September through to February, we finally got confirmation from Kylie herself that not only was she pregnant, she's also already given birth.

So since we've all been put through so much stress (because we all found it impossible to mind our own business), let's take a look back at every little tease and hint that the Kardashians dropped right under our noses.


1. Naturally, kommander of the Kardashian ship, Kris Jenner, was the first to say anything about the news, but it wasn't exactly a confirmation. In fact it basically threw us off the scent a little when she said, "I think it’s kind of wild that everyone is just assuming that that’s just happening."

2. And although Kim was out on Twitter correcting stories that said she was jealous of Kylie basically stealing her thunder since she was also expecting a child, she only denied the story and not Kylie's pregnancy.

3. At this point in the game, Kylie had stayed silent on the news which, spoiler alert, was something of a recurring theme. But she had everybody freakin' the fuck out when she then captioned a Snapchat with "Nothing's gonna hurt you baby".

Kylie Jenner / Via Snapchat

Yes, this was a lyric, but a pretty goddamn ironic one looking back at it, don't ya think?

4. She also uploaded this picture with BFF Jordyn Woods to celebrate her birthday, featuring a flash of her stomach. It's almost like she knew we'd all just figured out she was pregnant or something.

5. Anyway, back to Kris Jenner, who was basically the queen of teasing the news. She did another interview in which she spoke about Kylie and Khloé, who was also revealed to be pregnant. Speaking about Kylie, she said that she was proud of Kylie's "strength" when it came to dealing with "everything she has going on".

Entertainment Tonight


6. Kris continued to confirm the news by not confirming the news when Ryan Seacrest texted her live on air asking about the rumours. Her reply?

ABC / Via

I mean, if you weren't pregnant surely you'd be quick to deny it. Or am I just being silly?

7. Kylie and Khloé both seemed to tease their pregnancies with a YouTube video uploaded to Kylie's channel, where they had this interaction about having "so many babies" now.

OK, they were apparently talking about makeup, but at this point they both knew that they were pregnant, so it's like they were dropping hints right under our noses.

8. And Kylie continued to tease us on Snapchat when she showed us a picture of two phone cases, one with pink lips and one with blue lips. She said she was thinking blue, which had everybody convinced she was having a boy.

Kylie Jenner’s is such a tease omg DEFO means she’s having a boy

We obviously now know that to not be the truth, as she's now given birth to a baby girl.

9. While filming the KUWTK Christmas special, Kris uploaded a family picture to Instagram...except Kylie was nowhere to be seen. I WONDER WHY!

10. Exhibit B of family snaps being uploaded while Kylie had seemingly vanished off the face of the Earth came from Kris's Christmas Eve party, with Kourtney uploading this picture with a teasing caption.

11. But in November we hit a real bump in the road that nearly threw us off course when Kylie posted a full-body picture of both her and Khloé, who at this point also hadn't confirmed her pregnancy, and there were no baby bumps in sight.

Kylie Jenner / Via Snapchat

OK so baggy clothing and poses could've covered them up, but still this had everybody like, "Hold tf up, what's happening here?!"

12. Kris Jenner really rocked the boat on Instagram when she uploaded this picture about receiving pyjamas for her grandchildren.

It doesn't seem like much to get excited over, but if you look carefully enough you can see that there are nine pairs of pyjamas, which was funny because at the time Kris had only six grandchildren, meaning Kim, Khloé, and Kylie's unborn children accounted for the other three pairs.


13. Then came the infamous holiday card that teased the hell out of us for 25 whole days.

Half of the Christmas card are looking at something THEY’RE LOOKING AT KYLIE JENNER HOLDING THAT BABY IM TELLING U

Because those of us with common sense thought that Kylie's pregnancy would be revealed on the 25th day of the Kardashian Christmas countdown, but it turned out we were very wrong because Kylie wasn't even there.

14. So with Christmas well and truly ruined, we trudged into January, which wasn't eventful at all. Except for that moment on KUWTK when Kylie called Kris to let her know that her assistant was trying to take sneaky photos of her.


This was a real tease because key information was purposefully left out, like why Kris wanted to have the woman arrested just for taking pictures.


So yeah, it was an invasion of privacy, but surely getting the police involved was slightly dramatic unless there was something you wanted to hide that you weren't telling us, huh.

15. With Khloé giving us a glimmer of joy by finally announcing that she was indeed pregnant, she made an appearance on The Ellen Show and instead of beating around the bush, Queen DeGeneres basically asked, "Yo, is Kylie pregnant?"


But Khloé wasn't here to drop her sister in it, and instead acted like she hadn't read BuzzFeed dot com the website, or any other media site reporting Kylie's pregnancy.


16. The Calvin Klein ad was one of the final teases we received before the announcement.

Because in every single goddamn shot, Kylie's stomach is covered by something, whether it be a prop, clothing, or even Khloé Kardashian.

17. And finally, Kylie teased us all with the news of her literally doing nothing at all. Her social media accounts, which she's known for using extensively, basically went dormant except for promotional uses, and she basically disappeared from public view, with nobody really catching sight of her when the news broke.

But now we're through the stressful times and Kylie's welcomed her baby. Now we just have to wait to find out what she'll be called.


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