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    22 Pictures Of The Hemsworth Brothers That'll Make Your Knees Weak

    My knees are weak.

    1. You know the Hemsworth brothers, right?

    2. I mean, who doesn't?

    3. But just in case you don't, this is Liam. Hi Liam.

    4. And this is his older brother, Chris. Hi Chris.

    5. And basically they're both super-talented actors.

    6. But also, they're super goddamn hot.

    7. And I mean...

    8. ...REALLY goddamn hot.

    9. To the point where it's almost unfair how handsome they both are.

    10. Even in this picture, where you can't see his face, you know that Chris is really handsome. Maybe those bulging biceps help, IDK.

    11. And do you know what also makes them 10x hotter than they already are?

    12. The fact they both love dogs.

    13. I mean, what's hotter than a man and his dog? SPOILER: The answer is nothing.

    14. There's a lot to focus on in this picture, but those biceps are definitely drawing my attention.

    15. You know someone's hot AF when even their dog can't take the focus away.

    16. And both brothers support good causes.

    17. Because not only are they handsome, they're good at heart too.

    18. Not to mention they're both extremely cute with their relationships.

    19. I mean, if this isn't Christmas jumper goals I don't know what is.

    20. So this Sunday I will be going to church.

    21. To thank God for creating the Hemsworth brothers.

    22. And to end, I know this isn't a picture, but you deserve to see this video. You're welcome.

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