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This Creepy AF Picture Will Literally Scare The Shit Out Of You

It's fine, I didn't want to sleep tonight anyway.

Yesterday I found myself falling down a Tumblr spiral when I stumbled across this picture. It seemed pretty normal at first glance, and I nearly carried on scrolling. Until I saw the skull in the coffee.

Jeff Lee Johnson / Via

The picture just gets creepier the longer you look at it.

Jeff Lee Johnson / Via

Of course, there's the skull in the coffee.

But for some reason it's almost impossible to look away.

Jeff Lee Johnson / Via

Oh look, a bloody handprint smeared on the wall.

And the fact that everything is just slightly tilting makes everything that little bit creepier.

Jeff Lee Johnson / Via

The tabletop design is actually a shitload of ants, which is now making my skin crawl.

The creator of the image, Jeff Lee Johnson, a freelance illustrator from Minneapolis, did the painting for Fantasy Flight Games’ The Investigators of Arkham Horror: Tales of Adventure and Madness.


The brief Johnson was given was for "a seemingly normal but actually horrific scene within a rail car diner in Lovecraft’s fictional town of Arkham, Massachusetts". It took around three days to make.

Before starting the drawing, Johnson told BuzzFeed, he took his family to a "local rail car diner for lunch and some reference photos" and started the illustration the same day.

Jeff Lee Johnson / Via

Amongst all of this chaos, the woman whose perspective we're seeing the scene from is casually writing everything she sees in her journal, like there's no need to start panicking.

But this isn't the first time Johnson's been interested in this kind of image.

Jeff Lee Johnson / Via

Yes, that's a blind man reading the newspaper.

"I always loved images like this as a kid," he said. "Ones that have a lot of content hidden in plain sight."

Jeff Lee Johnson / Via

Yep, the blind man reading the newspaper also has gills.

The image recalled memories of family meals in similar settings and for Johnson, "it struck me as wicked fun to put a twist to that."

Jeff Lee Johnson / Via

Oh look, the blind man reading the newspaper who also has gills is actually eating literal finger food aka an eyeball and fingers.

Johnson added: "I can’t think of anything scarier than a slow dawning that things are not what they initially seemed."

Jeff Lee Johnson / Via

Aww, cute monster just chilling behind the waitress. Not terrifying at all.

And there's a lot to notice – whether it's the waitress cutting a bleeding pie...

Jeff Lee Johnson / Via

...the guy in the back, who's eating his food with a tentacle face...

Jeff Lee Johnson / Via

...or the tentacles moving down the carriage.

Jeff Lee Johnson / Via

The image has proved popular, gaining over 140,000 notes on Tumblr.

Jeff Lee Johnson / Via

Speaking of tentacles, that mother just happens to casually have a tentacle arm.

You can find more of Jeff Lee Johnson's work on his Deviant Art account, and you can also find him on Twitter. Good luck sleeping tonight!

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