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    18 First Messages From Tinder And Grindr That Will Make You Lose All Hope

    First impressions mean everything.

    1. On both Grindr and Tinder the important things are laid out first.

    2. This saves on the disappointment later.

    3. On Grindr, romance can be found anywhere.

    4. There was such romantic optimism with this Tinder exchange until all romance was shotgunned out of the way by filth.

    5. On Grindr there's a bit of fanfare when it comes to saying hey.

    6. But in fairness, they really up the ante for the first message on Tinder.

    7. Grindr is a place where your opinions can be heard.

    8. Compared with Tinder, which is more interested in the cold, hard facts.

    9. On Grindr, the men take at least five seconds to conjure up something witty.

    10. On Tinder, they leave the wit at the door because this doesn't make any fucking sense.

    11. On Grindr, food is the most important factor of any event.

    12. But on Tinder no one's even here to make sense about food because wtf is a disobedient avocado?

    13. When it comes to music, Grindr will burst into song at the smallest cue.

    14. But Tinder would prefer to trick you with music before unveiling their true shitty intent.

    15. On Grindr you can delve into magical conversation.

    16. Which happens on Tinder too, except again they just can't leave the smut behind.

    17. But on Grindr you can be compared to a higher power.

    18. Clearly the men of Tinder have got some catching up to do.