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22 Struggles That Sum Up What It's Like To Be Lazily Ambitious

CBA levels at 100.

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2. You want to leave your retail job and start a career somewhere else but after looking through one page of a job website, you begin to think another year of retail wouldn't be so bad after all.


5. Even though you're not quite done, you leave work at dead on the hour because you're not paid for that extra three minutes it would take to finish up.


"Sorry but that doesn't fall under my job description" is also one of your favourite phrases.


9. You want to have the perfect beach body but after three sit-ups and no difference, you decide to work on it another time.

I just did a sit up, why am I still fat.

Probably Monday.

11. Or next week.

12. You make plans for tomorrow almost every night.

making plans with myself for tomorrow 🙆


14. To clarify, the day went on while you were sitting on your butt telling yourself you'd do what you needed to do in a minute.

My grandmother worked in a factory for 17hr shifts during the war and I'm too tired to write entire words when I text.

15. That doesn't mean you don't sit and think about all the things you want to become.

17. Or you want to travel the world.

18. Maybe you want to be Beyoncé.

teacher: what do you want to be when you grow up? me: Beyonce

20. And by slow in action, we mean you're not moving at all because you're too busy on the sofa.