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    19 Things Every Lazy Retail Worker Has Definitely Done

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    1. Told the customer you didn't have their size in stock when you hadn't even checked.

    2. Pretended to fold something and refused to make eye contact with a customer so you didn't have to help them.

    3. Pointed a customer in the direction of a colleague because you were about to go on your break.

    4. Saw that the shop was getting busy and was understaffed but didn't get up to help because you had four minutes of your lunch hour left.

    5. Told a customer your manager was on their lunch when they asked to see them.

    6. Gone to the back room and sat down for five minutes while telling your manager you were getting something for a customer.

    7. Watched a customer look lost and confused and walked the other way.

    8. Said "let me just get my manager" so you didn't have to deal with the bullshit.

    9. Asked a customer if they could pay with something smaller so you didn't have to start counting out change.

    10. Been too lazy to fold something so put it at the bottom of the pile.

    11. Sorted through something that was already tidy just to make it look like you were actually doing something.

    12. Counted down the seconds until it was reasonable to ask your manager if you could go to the toilet again.

    13. Hung out as far away from the entrance of the store as possible so you didn't have to greet any customers.

    14. Said you were really sorry to a pissed off customer just to stop them talking.

    15. Took a leisurely stroll to the till to check how long it was until you could go home.

    16. Pointed a customer in the general direction of what they were asking for without actually walking them there yourself.

    17. Told your manager you already had plans so you couldn't work an extra shift even though your only plans were staying in bed all day.

    18. Told a customer that the store was about to close even though it was open for another 20 minutes.

    19. Ignored a customer when walking out of the shop because you had already clocked out.