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    Taylor Swift Fans Just Noticed That Their Merch Has A Typo On It And There Are A Lot Of Opinions

    Spelling is fun...until it's not.

    According to Taylor Swift and her latest single "Me", spelling is fun!

    So you can imagine it came as something of a surprise recently when fans realised that some of their TS merch came with a typo. Awkward...

    One fan posted a picture of their Taylor top, which had been released as a limited-edition purchase. But the apostrophe in "you're" was misplaced so instead it read "your'e".

    And it apparently took an entire month for fans to notice that the typo even existed!

    Of course, everybody started checking their merch immediately and, sure enough, the typo was sitting there, just waiting to be discovered.

    @SavvyStardust GIRL. SAME. Your post made me check my shirt! 😳😳😳😳

    @SavvyStardust i just checked mine and i’m 😂😂😂 what even. how did no one notice this before lol

    However, a spanner was thrown in the works when somebody else took a picture of their merch to prove it didn't have a typo.

    @SavvyStardust Mine is spelled right but now I’m paranoid and checking ALL of my merch for typos!! Like wth?? 😂

    Me right now.

    Fans mostly found it funny, joking that the typo was either an Easter egg or an invitation to one of Taylor's secret sessions.

    @SavvyStardust OMFG. Everyone with a typo on their pink ME! Shirt is going to a secret session. 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

    @SavvyStardust @Repuhaytion13 What if it’s an Easter egg?

    Others wanted the typo corrected.

    @SavvyStardust @cautiondelicate But Taylor needs to see this. We ain’t paying good money to look like boo boo the fools 😭 @taylornation13 @taylornation13

    Someone's mom did come up with a great excuse for the typo though.

    my mom just heard about the taylor swift “your’e” merch typo and excitedly shouted, “HAHA YOUR’E. URIE. BRENDON YOUR’E. I DONT KNOW WHO IM TALKING ABOUT BUT FANTASTIC MARKETING PLOY” and now she won’t stop giggling about how smart she is. help

    Let's be honest — it's a pretty easy typo to make, and I'm also 99.99999% sure Taylor isn't responsible for the error.

    And, if people on Twitter are to be believed, those typos could be worth a bit of money in the future if fans want to resell them.

    Y'all complaining about the typo on the Taylor Swift shirts have no idea how much those will be worth some day...

    if yall try returning ur taylor shirts bc of the typo instead of keeping ur brand new collectors item i’ll beat all of ur asses

    Spelling is fun and lucrative!

    BuzzFeed has reached out to representatives of Taylor Swift for comment.