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PSA: Everybody Needs To Start Going To The Cinema On Their Own In 2018

Honestly guys, it's life-changing.

Hi, hello, how we all doin'? Good? Fantastic news. I'm here today to make a positive change in your life, so buckle up friends.

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To start, I would like to rewind to the beginning of 2017, when I realised I hadn't been to the cinema in what felt like 84 years.

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The maths on that is a bit dodgy considering I'm only 24, but I have a tendency for theatrics, and dramatics makes everything more interesting.

There were a couple of reasons for this but the main ones were basically: costs too much, difficult to line up schedules with friends, and sometimes friends don't want to see the same movies I do.


So, because I love going to the cinema but just never seemed to go, I decided I would try going alone, which for some reason seemed absolutely terrifying.

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Like, would strangers just think I had no friends? That I'd been stood up? That I was just constantly waiting for someone to come back from the toilet?

I chose a movie I'd wanted to see but hadn't found a friend to go with, picked a time that was kinda late in the hope that the whole place would be empty and nobody would laugh at my apparent lack of friends, and then basically just prayed that this wasn't going to be an absolute disaster.

Spoiler alert: it was a complete success! Honestly I had the best time and I left the cinema like I SHOULD DO THIS EVERY GODDAMN DAY I'M GONNA MOVE INTO SCREEN 3.


So why should you go to the cinema on your own, if you haven't experienced it already?

For one, the cinema is not a place for talking anyway, so it's not like you can even have a conversation until you're out of the cinema if you go with a friend.

My biggest pet peeve is people that talk in the cinema. We're all trying to watch a movie here dude, shhh.

Also, sorry to break it to you but nobody in that cinema really cares that you've come to see the movie alone.


My biggest panic was that everybody in the movie theatre would think I was lame for wanting to come to the cinema on my own, but the first time I went and every time since, nobody's batted an eye.

You don't have to align your schedule with someone else's, you can just go when you feel like it without relying on a friend to be free.

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As adults we all have lives and jobs and other social commitments, or sometimes we just can't be bothered to move from the sofa. One of the things I always found was that finding a cinema time that suited both me and a friend was surprisingly difficult, so going alone eliminates that problem.

And you don't have to agree on what film to watch, which usually ends up in a compromise that somebody's not actually happy with.

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You like horror movies, your friend would literally rather cut off their own arm than watch one, so you end up going to see a comedy movie that ended up being lame and a waste of money. Guess what happens when you decide to go to the cinema alone? You get to see all the movies that YOU want to see.

You get to live inside a little bubble for a couple of hours, and let me tell you in this world of trash, a couple of hours reprieve is not only wanted, it's absolutely necessary.

Two hours of sitting in the dark immersed in a different world is enough to make you forget any of your problems, at least for a little while.

And it can actually be nice to just spend time with yourself and do something that you really enjoy.


I sometimes find that there seems to be this culture of always needing to be surrounded by people and if you're not being social, you're lame and boring. NO. Enjoying your own company is a necessity and more people should do it.

I know I know, the cinema can be pretty expensive. But it doesn't always have to be!


Cinema chains usually do a loyalty card where you can pay monthly and see as many films as you like, and it usually costs no more than the price of 1.5 films. So that means if you go to the cinema twice in a month, you'll have made your money back, and any more is a bonus!

So grab your popcorn, maybe pack a blanket if you wanna be cosy, and start going to the cinema on your own. You won't regret it!

In 2017 I started taking my own damn self to the cinema regularly and let me you it is the shit and you should all do it

And to finish off, just a little show of hands...

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